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What’s going on in the Bay Area today?

Please immediately block all of
It's a nazi harassment instance along the lines of poast or kiwifarms #fediblock

So many new people around here 😲
Welcome everyone!
I am #Tusky, an Android app for Mastodon! (I work with other server software like Pleroma and Pixelfed as well, but 🤫)

i love & support my friends who are black!! :blobcatheart:

i love & support my friends who are trans!! :blobhearttranscat:

also, saying slurs is mean and not even close to a funny joke :blobcatglance:

i hope this clears things up :blobcatlove:

a HUGE HUGE welcome to all the new members! to get started meeting new people, post an and introduce yourself!

Do you agree that accounts who (only) #crosspost from #Twitter to #Mastodon should be marked as bot?

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BayFur Club

Welcome Bay Area fuzzies!!